078: THE PROCESS - A Mental Masterclass from THE ACL CLUB  


Coming back from a major injury is tough - in today's episode, Jordan talks to you one-on-one about the new recovery course from THE ACL CLUB called THE PROCESS.

She goes in depth about why she created THE PROCESS, the panel of experts who have helped created content, and why it is so key to helping recovery fully.

With 120+ piece of unique content for you as an athlete, THE PROCESS is the biggest and baddest product from THE ACL CLUB to date.


077: One-on-One with Jordan - How to Prep Your Mind For Surgery


I get questions all the time about various aspects of the injury recovery process.

Recently, I have been talking to more and more people about pre-surgery. So, I thought I would address the topic in this manner.

Everything from:
- realizing it is ok to be scared for surgery
- how to relinquish control and gain trust
- how asking questions can help
- building your support team
- and why nutrition is the X-Factor

I hope you guys like this and your responses are everything! Leave a review with questions or ideas for another topic I can talk about next.

JuicePlus For Athletes:




076: Rugby International Mollie Gray

Mollie Gray is a 2x World Cup athlete competitng for Australia in the 2014 and 2017 Rugby World Cups. Mollie's journey to get there was a process that she describes as full of adversity. We talk bullying, her honesty of the highs of playing for her country to the lows of depression, Mollie doesn't hold back and in vulnerable in her story telling. We discuss Mollie's 5 month rehab process in order to get back for the 2017 World Cup and how she was named to the squad just 4 months post surgery. She describes the trust she had in her team, the lessons she learned, and how she has taken that into her next journey in life.

Mollie documented a lot of her journey so if you would like to go back and look or follow her new project, you can do so here:




030: #scarstories featuring Jim Keller of Next Level SPPT 

I sat down and spoke with owner of Next Level SPPT in Golden, CO Jim Keller about many things. Jim was an integral part of my ACL injury recoveries so I wanted to get his perspective on:

- Why he got into athletic training and sports performance
- What injury still haunts him to this day
- Why he believes "the head leads the body" is so key in injury recovery
- Next Level's return to sport test and why it is designed to fail athletes
- Why physical therapists should be the first person someone calls after an injury

Jim opens up to us and shares some great tips about why timelines in this process should be thrown out the window.

You can contact Jim and Next Level SPPT through the following:





027: #scarstories feat. Joanna Lohman - episode 1 


Days out of surgery, Joanna opens up about her outlook on her ACL injury in the first game of the NWSL season with the Washington Spirit. We have a very natural conversation about our paths and how Joanna is already facing this challenge ready to rise above. She speaks about how her injury happened, what her body was feeling like before, and why she thinks it is key to keep your life as normal as possible post surgery. Joanna is so inspiring in the way she is approaching this injury and finds encouragement through all the people who are supporting her already.

We look forward to doing a monthly check up with Joanna as she gets through the trials and triumphs of the ACL recovery process.

Make sure to follow her on Twitter


 023: #scarstories featuring Tiffany Weimer

Tiffany Weimer is a 12 year professional soccer player currently playing for the Boston Breakers in the NWSL. Right before the 2017 NWSL season kicks off, Tiffany and I talk about her journey to where she is now: from her record setting career at Penn State, to traveling the world to continue playing soccer when opportunities in the US didn't work out. How she used her love for writing to help her through her ACL injury in 2014 to turning into someone who embraces the rockiness in life. Loved this honest conversation with Tiffany.



Books mentioned:
Rentless - Tim Grover

The Power of Habit - Charles Duhigg

Letters to a Young Poet - Rainer Maria Rilke

DukTIG Brand Website 

DukTIG Brand Giveaway 

022: Why Focus is Key in Injury Recovery

Today I talk about how focusing on the small things everyday in the process and letting go of the outcome in your injury recovery can help immensely. I am currently reading the Book "Chop Wood, Carry Water" by Joshua Medcalf. I am not even halfway through and my book is already highlighted more than it isn't and I am learning so many great things about the process. I camp on this quote for the podcast: "Your greatest challenge during your time here will be faithfully keeping your focus on the process, while surrendering the outcome." Focusing on the little things is so key and I share more about what this can mean to you in your injury recovery process.

P.S. Listen till the end for the change to get a FREE GIFT from me :)

Train to be Clutch: www.t2bc.com

Joshua Medcalf: twitter.com/JoshuaMedcalf

Jamie Gilbert : twitter.com/jdgilbert19

Chop Wood, Carry Water: tinyurl.com/kfwaq35

ReFocus Bands: shoplacle.com/collections/refocus-bands

Contact me: info@theaclclub.com

021: #scarstories with Super Bowl 50 Champion Jordan Norwood

Jordan Norwood, Penn State Alum and Super Bowl 50 Champion with the Denver Broncos, opens up about his journey from growning up in Hawaii to being a Super Bowl Champ. He talks about how some of the hardest things he faced helped him grow including how he clung to his self belief and faith during his rehabilitation from his ACL injury in 2014/2015. Jordan also opens up to me about some special moments during Super Bowl 50 that not a lot of people know about.

Jordan's Favorite book he mentioned

In A Pit with A Lion on A Snowy Day

To see more from Jordan and his photography skills - check him out below:

Website - www.norwoodfoto.com 


020: #scarstories with SoulFuel creator, the inspirational Lucas Siqueira

Lucas talks about his journey from Brazil to America to play collegiate soccer, why he stepped away from professional soccer at FC Dallas this year, and is using his life to positively influence people through his blog SoulFuel. We talk about what he wished he would of known 5 years ago before he was injured and how he thinks the growth mindset is so valuable in our life journey. 

We talk about how Lucas shifted his idea of self worth and how we love and treat ourselves determines how others love and treat us. Lucas shares with us a list of books he loves as a go to to help you understand your journey - and through that, we start talking about how the roots of sport needs to get back to a team mentality again. 


SoulFuel Blog

Lucas’ Book Recommendations: 

1 - It is not about the shark by David Niven

2 - The Obstacle is the way by Ryan Holiday

3 - In a Pit with a Lion in a Snowy Day by Mark Batterson

4 - Mindset by Carol Dweck

5 - Burn you Goals by Jamie Gilbert and Joshua Medcalf

6 - Transformational leadership from Jamie Gilbert and Joshua Medcalf

7 - The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

8 - Talent is overrated by Geoff Colvin

9 - Taking the limits off God by James Richards 



018: Feet Strengthening with guest Dr. Kenneth Vitale

I sit down for a conversation with Dr. Kenneth Vitale of the University of California San Diego Department of Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine to elaborate on a talk he gave at the National Soccer Coaches Association of America Convention in January about "Minimalist Running Shoe Trends." We talk about the importance of strengthening your foot muscles and how you can do it while you are injured to work a complete recovery from the feet to your head. Below are links Dr. Vitale speaks about and a link to his personal information.

These are just some samples of some videos:
• www.youtube.com/watch?v=DoEIW4Y8MEo
• www.youtube.com/watch?v=_izMb3PPamI
• www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIWU2VV4n4o
• www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Hbh3p0nFYQ


If you are interested in... 

Dr. Lieberman’s original work

Dr. Hertel’s work 
       Additional work

I also mention Courtney Conely at Total Health Solutions in Golden, CO who is helping me currently try to address my own feet.


017: #scarstories feat. Katie Johnson - Mexican Women's National Team

Katie Johnson talks to me just minutes after being drafted in the NWSL draft in January. Katie talk about her knee injuries, how she stayed motivated, and her key in finding fitness again after her second ACL injury. Lastly, she talks about her dreams and goals as a soccer player. The end of the episode updates you all on how Katie is doing now with the Seattle Reign and ends with a little quote motivation that has impacted me today.

Seattle Reign

Selección National



016: Take Action


015: Meditation and Taking Care of Yourself with Guest Sam Weber


This week Jordan talks to friend, entrepreneur, and recovering athlete Sam Weber about what she is currently going through in her ACL recovery process. Sam talks about how she is just starting to use meditation via the HeadSpace App and finding a dramatic difference in her focus during physical therapy sessions. We also talk about the importance to take care of your whole self: mind, body and spirit during the recovery process and how Sam has learned to embrace the space the recovery process has created. Great talk and make sure you listen to the end for an opportunity to get some free gear via emailing me jordan@theaclclub.com


014: Instagram shoutout - tattooed.skier shares his #scarstories

In something new, Jordan takes a page out of fellow podcaster Gary Vee's book and starts really interacting with people on social media. After noticing a lot of interaction from tattooed.skier, she reaches out via a phone call to learn more about his (Shaun's) story. This is a real and raw conversation between the two as he explains how his past helped build character that he is reassuring himself on now, how he uses vivid visualization and film study to help foster patience, an how he uses his voice on social media and through coaching to help inspire people to keep going. This is not a conversation you will want to miss. Thanks to Shaun for being so real with his reactions and words.

013: #scarstories feat. Casey Short

Casey Short opens up to Jordan about the ins and outs of her injuries throughout her soccer career. She talks about how she used her phone to help motivate her, what legend soccer player wrote her a note that she still reads to today, how it feels to play for your hometown professional soccer team, and what she wants to be remembered for when all is said and done many years from now. Casey is a resilient and humble person and I hope you enjoy this chat as much as I did.


012: The Climb

Jordan takes us along with her on a hike up a mountain near her house where she discovers the parallels to the hike and the journey to recovery in a sports injury


011: #scarstories featuring Erica Cook

Jordan talks with American Ninja Warrior Erica Cook as she currently recovers from an ACL injury she endured last year. Erica talks about her diverse athletic background, how she got into ANW, how she finds motivation in conversation with fellow athletes, and how this injury and the recovery is allowing her to learn how to be more mindful of the way she trains.

Here is Erica performing theskill we talk about at the beginning of the podcast: 

You can connect with Erica here: 
No Limits Personal Training 



010: #scarstories featuring Eron Harris

On Monday, ESPN ran a segment of Senior guard at Michigan State University Eron Harris, who after sustaining a season ending ACL injury the previous week, go to participate in MSU tradition of stepping onto the court and kissing the Trojan logo at half court. Watch the video here and see Eron's mother surprise him with the singing of the National Anthem that night here

On Tuesday, I got to catch up with Eron as he talks to us about the emotional night of his senior game this past weekend, how he is doing now, and his outlook on the future. This is a young man who has his wy already and really believes he will grow from this opportunity.

Lastly, he shared with us how he has been finding a lot of strength in reading the Bible and the poem his teammates father shared with him called "If." 


009: #scarstories featuring Allyson Lem

Allyson Lem talks about recovering from a devastating knee injury following ACL reconstruction. She was torn away from her sport at 20 years old with an infection in her joint that lead to a strong mental and physical journey back to being fully Allyson again. Her journey back and her outlook for the future and why she is finally proud to Show Her Scars.

**Warning: We do talk about Allyson's infection in her joint during her ACL journey. With any surgery, infection is a possibility your doctor will talk to you about. What is key about what Allyson wanted to say is you must communicate with your PT or Doctor when you feel like something might be wrong."


008: #scarstories feat. Ali Krieger

We talk to Ali Krieger about the highs and lows of her ACL injury recovery. She opens up about what was frustrating about return to sport, how she learned to value a different perspective while sitting on the sideline, and how her script of what happened in the following years couldn’t of been written any more perfect.

She talks about her initial feelings, the hardest mental and physical battles she faced, and how she used small goals each day to help her feel the progress of her recovery.

Ali also speeks about what her dad taught her at a young age that helped her through the ACL recovery and is something she still uses to this day.

We also play a fun rapid-fire answer game with Ali and get a “February Feels” playlist from her that we will share via Spotify.

You can connect with Ali here: 

Twiter - @alikrieger

Instagram - @alikrieger

Website - alikrieger.com


007: Trainer Gorres on Injury Recovery from a Sports Performance Trainer

Follow Chris @trainergorres (instagram + twitter)

                        @trainergorres YouTube

                        Move Better. Do More. Be Fast eBook available now



Chris Gorres, or known in the sports world as Trainer Gorres, is a Performance Coach, NASM, CPT, PES who works with World Cup, NWSL, NFL, MLS, NBA, youth, and adult athletes. He is also the co-owner of a new company called Onyx Elite.


We talked to Chris about…

Why he loves what he does, his experience and background.

His favorite books including:

Inside Out Coaching - John Ehrmann

Outliers - Malcom Gladwell

The Power of Habit - Charles Duhigg


How you can integrate back into your sport by studying the game. Watch games on TV or old games of yourself to see what your tendencies are, what your positional demands are and how you can improve that while you are away from the field/court.


Chris speaks about how communicating is the most important part of the injury recovery process. Getting everyone on the same page: you, trainer, PT, doctor, parents, coach. Develop a system that works for you so you aren’t over (or under) working.


Later in the podcast he gives some good return to sport or everyday exercises that can keep you going. They are linked below.

3 way calf stretch

knee stabilityglute bridgestretches: WGS and Bretzel

Core: Deadbugs, plank, side plank

Shoulder wall angels


Onyx Elite is working to bring world class training to everyday people.



006: Learning in the Injury Recovery Process

The injury recovery process is called that for a reason: it takes time, it is small victories paired with bumps in the road that eventually get you back to the sport you love. But how can we use it to learn? Listen in as Jordan shares her ideas about how we learn in the process.

1. Learned how my body works

a. Activating your glutes/hamstrings/core
b. Activation program
c. Fusionetics – short assessment with corrective movements

2. Nutrition
a. JuicePlus+ - fruits and veggies in a capsule! Bridges the nutrition gap

3. Affirmations
a. Affirmations are a small and powerful words you say to yourself several times a day to refocus your mind on the good. 


005: #scarstories featuring Jeb Brovsky


Jeb Brovsky is a long time MLS veteran. He has played for 3 different teams: Vancouver Whitecaps, Montreal Impact, and NYCFC. Jeb competed in the 2016 NASL season for Minnesota United.


During the last game of their season, Jeb tore his ACL. Now with Minnesota United making their move to MLS, Jeb is in limbo - rehabbing hard to get back to full health while not getting his contract picked up by the club. He talks about the mental and physical battles he is facing right now and the tools he is using to get through. 


Jeb talks about how he uses something he found in Marcus Luttrell's book to motivate him daily. How The Tim Ferris Show and Tools of Titans has helped him explore his ability to do great things. He also talks about how he is working on other things to keep his mind off of his ACL rehab for good portions of the day everyday. 

Jeb mentions how he is fueling his body, this is what he eats: 

This is our first of a few interviews with Jeb as we track him throughout his ACL rehabilitation.

Let us know what you want to ask Jeb next time we talk to him by emailing us at info@theaclclub.com. 





Episode 004: What is Your Why?

What is your why?

Figuring out why you are doing is so important: it helps motivate you daily, make decisions to help you get to your end goal, and refocusing your mind on what is important in your journey back to full health.

Get an expo marker and write your why on your mirror. DO IT! Believe me, you won’t regret looking at this every morning and remembering why you are working back to full health.

After you do that, take a picture of it and tag @showyourscarspodcast on instagram with the #mywhy. We want to share these with the whole community so we can support one another.

Want more? Here is a good book about why you should Start With Why

**Apologies for the small editing issue around the 2 minute mark. I’m still learning and trying to make this the best it can be, I will get better thanks for sticking around with me.**


Episode 003: #scarstories featuring Lauren Sesselmann


Lauren Sesselmann is a Green Bay, Wisconsin native and a Canadian international Women’s soccer player.

She played for numerous teams in both the NWSL and WPS while also taking home a bronze medal at the 2012 Olympics in London and competing in the 2015 Women's World Cup in Canada . Lauren attended college at Purdue University where she played soccer and graduated with a degree in marketing and communications.

In this podcast, Lauren talks about the timing of her ACL injury, why that devastated her, and what she told herself to help her through the tough days

To connect with what Lauren is doing now, check out her company Fit as a Pro. You can find them on social media @officialfitasapro for both instagram and twitter.



Episode 002: #ShowYourScars

Why do I always stress show your scars?

I dive into what that means for me and why I think scars are so cool. They are outward representations of all the work that is transforming us on the inside.

Also why we need to sit in the pain, as hard as it is sometimes, but it will produce a scar showing you how much you have grown.


What does show your scars mean to you? Let us know below or on social media by tagging us @theaclclub and using the #showyourscars. 


Side Note:

It is important to work on your scars too in order to reduce some of the scar tissue that can bind up your range of motion. Our favorite remedy: breaking open a Vitamin E capsule and rubbing that on your scars :)  




Episode 001: Journaling


I really believe that journaling is such a powerful and easy tool. Here are a couple links to journals that I love:


Moleskin Journal

The Five Minute Journal

Or email us to get on the waitlist for our new ACL CLUB journal launching soon! 

Want to know more about journaling? Here are some good articles on journaling and how it helps.







Are you going to accept my #journalchallenge for the next 10 days? Let us know below and we want to know how it is going throughout the process.


#SHOWYOURSCARS all you ACL CLUB members!






Episode 000: The Prologue - Why Show Your Scars?

 In the Prologue to SHOW YOUR SCARS, I talk about my journey to this point. I discuss my time at:

 Santa Clara University – Women’s Soccer

Boston Breakers - WPS

Washington Spirit - NWSL

Western New York Flash – NWSL


I did my most recent surgery with Dr. Schlegel in Centennial, CO at Stedman Hawkins Clinic.

 After that, I rehabbed with Next Level Sports Performance in Golden, CO.


During the last two seasons of my career, I also worked with various PT’s including:


Mike Davis – current staff member at Oklahoma City Thunder

Justin Dudley – Cascade Sports Performance

Doug Goldstein – Greenwood Athletic Club Physical Therapy


I can ‘t thank all these people enough for their time and effort to get me back on the field and to help me stay there.



  • Reduce the number of people who tear their ACL
  • Building THE ACL CLUB community

 The responses I get from you all is what makes this all worth it: the community we are acknowledging is strong, supportive, and something I hope we all are proud of.


Some of the things I would recommend right away can be found on our blog here. Or if you need help on what to get a friend going through ACL injury? Check this blog post out.