You've torn your ACL, so now what? 
Doctors + stitches, physical therapists + rehabilitation help you get back physically. Reconstructing your knee and rebuilding your muscles. 

But what about the mental side?
 THE ACL CLUB is here to help new and existing members find strength through sharing our stories and showing our scars.
We are all members of something bigger then ourselves...THE ACL CLUB is the biggest club in sports.

Our Mission:

Bringing together a community to support, empower and inspire athletes as they persevere through the trials and triumphs of the ACL journey.  




 Gear promoting PRIDE in your SCARS 



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      If it were our choice, no one would ever join THE ACL CLUB...

      However, we realize that injuries happen in sports and we are not fully in control.

      What we can control is how we train our bodies to move to help reduce injury risks.


      The physical side of THE ACL CLUB is made up of:

      1. Risk Reduction: a program designed to activate the correct muscles to help you perform at your best and reduce your risk of incuring a non-contact ACL injury 
      2. Grey Area Training: your allotted physical therapy visits are up, you have been cleared by your doctor, but still don’t feel like you are 100% you yet.



      Is this journey tough? Yes. We also understand that it is important to practice gratitude in our daily lives and realize that we are lucky to have the ability to get our knee fixed, receive proper treatment and therapy.