Tommy Mandala





Social Media: @all_in_acl

Where he is located:

Fully Remote

What is a non-negotiable for you in ACL rehab? 

STRENGTH TRAINING. Too many ACLers go through this process without ever being told how much work they need to put in at the gym outside of PT. If you had this surgery to get back to an your sport or active lifestyle but you aren't a regular gym person, you are going to have to learn to become one. The path back to hiking, dancing, playing soccer, running, & skiing all goes through the gym. This is something every ACLer needs to know going into surgery.

A few more things:

- Before Running/Jumping you must have:  > 80% Strength Symmetry on true strength testing; No difficulty going down stairs, Quiet knee with trace or less effusion, No pain with day to day activities, full HYPERextension matching the other side.

- Before Returning to Sport: ALL THE ABOVE + at least 9-12 months post op,  successful completion of a full run progression, >95% limb symmetry on strength testing & single leg hop testing. 

Why do you support THE ACL CLUB? 

I've worked with Kelsey as a client and know the passion she brings to this space. I've also been fortunate enough to collaborate with Jordan on a number of webinars & am consistently inspired by her passion for educating ACLers. The ACL club has helped change the mental & physical journey for so many ACLers by showing them what is possible in their recovery. I am grateful to be able to continue to collaborate with & support them as they expand their reach to more and more ACLers. Both ALL IN ACL & THE ACL CLUB are on a mission to empower ACLers by helping them understand how they can come back stronger than before from this injury!