There are many things you can do to help your recovery including icing and elevating. Here are some great products that we recommend: 


Freeze Sleeve adds compression and icing to help alleviate swelling and calms down the joint.  Use the code ACL CLUB for 10% off your purchase here
**Make sure to look at their sizing chart before ordering because the size is important! 

Recoup Fitness

The benefits of myofacial relief combined with cooling sensation are a game changer in the Recoup Cold Massage Roller. It decreases inflammation and helps in the recovery process. 

Wedge Pillow

Elevation and rest are so key especially in the early stages of ACL injury recovery. It is hard to elevate properly if you have pillows bunched under your leg causing a lumpy and uncomfortable situation. A wedge pillow allows you to get good elevation and proper extension (even adding a small pillow under your heel helps that too). 

Kho Labs

Check out our podcast with founder Ian Warner about why he created Kho Labs and how it can help you.