Proview Sports


Proview Sports

INSTAGRAM: @proviewsports - best way to contact them 

Where are they located:

The Midlands, Uk | We predominantly run a remote service, currently supporting 32 ACL Journeys across 4 continents.

What is a non-negotiable for you in ACL rehab? 

We follow Melbourne 2.0 ACL protocol as our base criteria, both the Physical & Psychological sign off.

Our personal non-negotiable on top of a #BetterThanBefore pre-injury physical profile is athlete education. From training load, menstrual cycle, game day warm ups to all the 1%'s that help reduce the industry 1/4 re-injury risk.. 

Why do you support THE ACL CLUB? 

We encourage all our athletes to follow the ACL Club insta. We do this as we can facilitate a rehab pathway, set targets to motivate and offer support, but it is still a lonely journey. A lot of our athletes lose a part of their identity and their support/social circle as they're away from their teams.

At the ACL Club, you do an awesome job at sharing stories and journey insights, in which our athletes can recognise that's it's ok to go through the struggles and lows of rehab, and they're not alone.

In my experience, those within ACL rehab always overestimate the short term progression, and underestimate the long term as it snowballs, and your page shows this.