Jimmy Orr


SportsRx PT




Where he is located:

St Petersburg FL

What is a non-negotiable for you in ACL rehab? 

I use a battery of strength, power, and balance tests to give me an idea of overall function of the leg/knee.  I use 90% symmetry as a bare minimum for consideration on all of these tests. This info is combined with everything else I know about that persons readiness including things they have done well in rehab or areas they still need work.  

Why do you support THE ACL CLUB? 

I think your page/group is awesome as a support network for people with ACL injuries.  It is also a place where people can share their wins and maybe even derive inspiration from other people in the same boat.  As you said in the intro above, making sure that ACLers get connected with people who specialize in their injury is so important in improving their outcomes.  It is what I love to do in my work, so I love what this group is about and find it meshes really well with my practice/philosophy.