Brendan DeForge


Return to Performance 


Where he is located:

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Online/remote rehab and training

What is a non-negotiable for you in ACL rehab? 

There's a ton! Here's a few examples
1. ACL RSI score I like to be at least 80, preferably higher
2. Quad index of at least 90%, preferably above 95%
3. Limb symmetry index above 90%, preferably above 95%
4. Hamstring to quad ratio above 70%,
5. At the very minimum over 9 months post op, but honestly I prefer to wait until the 12-18months post op period
6. Do they feel ready? Is there any fears that they still have about returning to play?

Why do you support THE ACL CLUB? 

If I could just work with ACL-ers the rest of my life, I honestly would. That's my goal. There really isn't anything else like it in the world of rehab, that so closely blends rehabilitation, physical performance, identity, and psycho-social aspects to it. I truly believe that communication and community should be an integral part of the ACL journey, and that's why I love what you guys are doing with The ACL Club. You've created this community of people who are helping one another get through what can be really tough time, so they can help each other through the struggles of rehab, but also celebrate wins together. While great rehab and great physiotherapy is a huge part of the process, I think the psychological side of rehab and the sense of community that can be created is a massive piece as well, that doesn't get talked about enough.

I also think that ACL rehab in general is something that, across the board, the standard needs to be improved upon. Re-tear rates are scary high yet I still hear stories of ACL-ers being discharged at 3 months, 6 months, etc from PT, or insurance companies cutting off their coverage once they can go up and down stairs, even though their goal is to return to sport. I want to be a part of the solution to that, and work to provide better care and education for ACL-ers, so we can elevate the standard of ACL care in general and ultimately lower re-injury rates. I see you guys with The ACL Club with a similar mission!