RecoverX Info and Wait List By Brian Ford June 3rd, 2020

While there is a lot of variation among ACL patients around graft selection, recovery timelines, and scar healing, there is one thing we all have in common - swelling.

It is essential to manage inflammation so that your knee is prepared to perform to the best of its ability. Unfortunately, the typical ways of icing are too difficult and can be hard to rely on consistently. Finally there’s a better way!

RecoverX is a company that helps people manage the demands of their recovery by making rehabilitation more accessible and affordable. It is completely electric and at the touch of a button gets “ice-cold” or “heating pad hot” in 60 seconds. There’s no mess from a leaky ice bag, no cycling gel packs that don’t stay cold enough, and no hassle of setting up bulky water-circulating machines.

The device is battery powered so you can bring it with you anywhere and use it at any time, helping you to fit rehab into your day more easily and more often.  Even more, given that it has both heat and cold capabilities, this is a tool that you can use at all phases of your recovery process to get back to full-activity.

The device is controlled simply by a mobile app so that you can set the specific temperature and duration of your treatment, and it even has temperature sensors built into its surface to provide you with real-time feedback about your treatment. This is the future of post-operative rehabilitation.

Currently the RecoverX device is not available to the public, but as an ACL Club Member you have exclusive access to the RecoverX private pre-order. To confirm your spot on the wait list, and to get more information about the price and availability of the device, visit

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