Pat Summitt - theACLclub O.G. aka Original Group member ☝🏽

Pat Summitt - theACLclub O.G. aka Original Group member ☝🏽

I remember being a young girl and watching the amazingly obnoxious orange uniforms of Tennessee women's basketball team as they ran around on the court. It wasn't particularly their play (although they were on another level back then) but the presence of their coach that really intrigued me...Pat Summitt was someone I could tell was special. At the time, I just loved the way she looked at and interacted with her team. Now, looking back, I realize I liked that because she was so invested, so engaged, and wanted every single player on that team to succeed. 

I talk about this because of the quote I mentioned in my inbox inspiration video. Pat knew challenges, she knew weakness. But she never backed down. She chose to look it dead in the eye and find where her strength was. She instilled that in her players and now I hope I can help her continue to instill that into theACLclub.

Pat actually knew exactly what you all are going through right now. She herself tore her ACL in 1974, her senior season in college. We think the process is hard now, then the scar went all the way across your knee, from the middle of your thigh to the middle of your shin. On top of that, Pat rehabbed on her own since protocol for ACL injuries wasn't as set as it is now. As a matter of fact, tearing your ACL was usually the end of your career. Pat wouldn't let that be the case. She rehabbed on her own and made it back to the court to compete at the highest level in the game, the 1976 Olympics where the USA earned a silver medal.

In an article I read this week, Summitt's teammate says, "She had those stitches right across her kneecap and wore it like a badge." She showed her scars with pride understanding that in the weakness that her body showed her, she found some of her greatest strengths. I just can't get over how much I love that quote and how proud I am to call Pat Summitt a member of theACLclub. She's one of our OG's, original group (members). 

So back to you...You could be in the thick of your rehabilitation journey right now and yes it is so very tough. Are there times when you feel weak? Mentally and physically? Yes. But I would encourage you to instead of wallowing in those moments of weakness, look deeper at the strength you have to overcome that. You will become stronger than you can ever imagine throughout your ACL journey and it will be the accumulation of moments where you choose to find your strength within your weaknesses. Do it for you, do it for your support staff, and do it for Pat. 


In loving memory of Pat Summit. Thank you for sharing your passion, work ethic, kindness, and knowledge with the world for all the days you were given. You will be forever remembered. 


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